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[Adventurer] Nine Gems

the code really can be solved on python, like this:

Mod edit: Hi Pablo. Welcome to Discourse but please do not post final solutions.

I noticed that when I solved the Nine Gems puzzle and pressed it only makes 8 gem jingles as it picks up the gems. At first I thought, “That’s odd.” Then I realized why. There are only 8 gems on the board at the beginning. We all assume there are 9, just as most of us assume, at first, that we need to stay within the boundaries of the square. My suggestion would be to place the hero slightly below or to the right of the first gem for the beginning position. I am new to the Forums and hesitate to open this conversation for the simple reason that the challenge level is excellent in how it forces us to think outside the box and tackle a puzzling problem similar to many we face in our programming experience. Please feel free to delete my reply rather than prolong the old conversation.

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Hi Paul and welcome to the forum!

While we’d prefer not to ‘necro’ posts, as Chaboi states, sometimes it is to better to necro, rather than have many posts on the same topic. Yours will not be deleted. The prohibition is on posting complete code that equates to a solution of a level…the object is to help folks learn, not to just copy and paste and pass a level.

All helpful input is very much welcome!