[Adventurer] Sacred Grove

Hi! Here is the new demo level about pets: Sacred Grove

Let us introduce the most powerful (ok, ok, it’s disputable) and cutest (based on glamour magazine opinion poll) pet – The Pugicorn. It’s so cute! It can charm enemies and make them fight on your side (on the pugicorn’s side).
Use the Power of Cuteness (and few fire traps) to protect the sacred grove in Sarven Desert!


Works smoothly for me!


When I spawn a skeleton and one of my skeleton went inside the garden I fail the level. Nice level though.

He he. No unholy creatures in the Sacred Grove!

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Best. pet. ever. :slight_smile:

I saw a few things.

In the level description: “Don’t let even step an ogre into the grove.”

I think this should be: “Don’t let an ogre even step into the grove.”

In the level comments: “# Don’t let ogres to step to the grove.”

I think this should be: “# Don’t let ogres step into the grove.”

I ran it a few times, once the munchkins killed the scout, and there were two munchkins still alive. One died on the fire trap and the other made it into the grove and I lost. It happens a lot that the munchkins kill the second scout, but it doesn’t happen often that there are still two munchkins left alive.

Thanks. Fixed typos. Also I’ve adjusted the referee a little to prevent “bad seed” case. I hope it will help