[Adventurer] Rotten Forest

The Rotten Forest

Long ago, forest sprites protected the forest from evil forces called “dark spirits”. But Thoktar had subjugated the forest sprite village, leaving the forest vulnerable to dark spirits.

But don’t worry! It’s said that there is one forest spirit left, trapped in a statue. In order to free the sprite from the statue, you must cross the dangerous forest and destroy lurking forces.

This level is still new, so please expect some bugs. The following languages are supported: Javascript, Python.

Testing link: https://direct.codecombat.com/play/level/rotten-forest


Multiple issues:

  • you can walk around the spirits
  • if you’re too fast, the skeletons will attack you
  • the skeletons don’t kill the spirits, so you have to kill them (and also the skeletons)
  • the python hint is wrong: it will break immediately (probably the same with JS)

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Will this level be limited to the four free warriors?

When you walk around the side, it looks like the Skeletons are triggered by the hero’s Y position which releases them when the hero is in the corner.

Confirmed. If you sneak around the edge the Skeletons will attack the Dark Spirits but the Skeletons don’t do any damage to the Dark Spirits. Although this makes it harder because you are really close to the beams when attacking the Skeletons to release Zana. Also, I noticed the top left Dark Spirit has 120 health, not 60 like the rest.

I did attack the dark spirits (enemy.type == “shaman”) before releasing the skeletons and killed them with no problem. If you don’t kill them on both ends, the beam will still operate. Two bolts of chain-lightning will take them all out, one to each side (when the top left matches the rest with 60 health)

Extra note: the defensive boots make this level pretty challenging with the timing. It can be done, but it drags out the process.

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That’s what’s supposed to happen. I fixed weird exceptions.



Increased their health so only Zana can kill them

It’s much better now, although rather simple :smile:

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Yeah, it’s pretty easy because the level is placed in the forest.

After playing through it again, what weapon did you give Zana?

I did follow the timing in the current hints and they actually work using boots with +2m/s.

A customized weapon.

I don’t undersand how the default code is supposed to work?

  1. If the hero.time is one of the three posibilities no need to check the two others
  2. The level can be finished with move 2m/s + speed ring with with a single or muliple hero.wait(time) or hero.time but folowing the default code is pure luck.

The default code is:

while (true){
  if(hero.time == 0.5)
     // move forward
  // same pattern several times

Let’s test only the first statement with a construction equivalent to hero.wait()

var breakInstant =  0.5 
while (true){
  if(hero.time == breakInstant ) break;
// and then move the hero
while (hero.distanceTo(Vector(destinationX, destinationY))> 0)
  hero.move(Vector(destinationX, destinationY));

if breakInstant is 0.4 and 0.5 the above code will work.
if breakInstant is 0.3, 0.6, 0.7 the hero will stand still and the level will fail.
if we replace

  // if(hero.time == breakInstant ) break;  // with
  if(hero.time > breakInstant ) break;

the code will succeed for all values.
I’ not a programmer or even a hobby coder so someone with more knowledge can propose better default code.

What I did:

Wait 0.5 seconds
Move to the end

I tried your wait .5 and go, but didn’t make it. Are you using move or moveXY? What is your hero setup? Which hero and boots?

Edit: I switched to the Softened Leather Boots with 2.5M/S using the move XY and did make it taking some damage.

Great, I’ll restrict those then. :slight_smile:

No point lol 20 chars

the pixie says always peace, Then kills all dark spirit

zana is da fastest for dis