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[Adventurer] Safe Spot


This is the usage-style level for circle points created by @Bryukh. Post any comments here!

I would recommend playing Clumsy Circle first

Mountain: Safe Spot


I like this one as well. Works fine as written. And, there is a best time board for improving the algorithm!


Thanks! I think it’s not too hard to find the centre of the circle without moving.


This Level isn`t in i18n.


Nice level

for sure you can find center without moving
with a slight modification

I used different approach for top result however

but Is there a way to use
Robobomb 1 message ?


Huh? what the message?

Updated: oh. It was a debug message. Deleted.


I did the same thing: find the top and bottom bomb, then move to the middle of those… voila!


I don’t get how to use default functions.
so I was looking for
distanceTo thangs[0] and distanceTo thangs[thangs.length/2])


There is an alternate solution to this level that I found a lot easier than what the level provided. Just find the average of all robobombs’ x position and y position and move there :slight_smile:

Of course I will not give away code but the code for this seems really obvious already. If you understand how to use len(thangs), x- and y-coordinates of units besides the hero, and a touch of logic :grin: