Level: Cowardly Taunt

Argh, I must be incredibly dense, I am stuck. No matter what I do I cannot keep Tharin alive after he runs back to the safety of his towers. What should the this.moveXY(); coordinates be to keep him alive? For some reason, this is really bothering me. Probably won’t sleep until I can figure this very simple problem out.

this.moveXY(50, 16);
this.moveXY(63, 20);
this.moveXY(70, 10); // This is a safe spot.

this.say(“I can lure them in here.”);

// Run your soldier out where the ogres can hear you

// Say something!

// Then run back behind the arrow towers for safety

I think what is challenging me is in the code where moveXY(70,10) is designated a safe spot in the comments. Apparently, after yelling and retreating back to that spot, I die. I am really feeling stupid…any help and guidance would be much appreciated.

This might defeat the purpose of the level, but all I had to do was say something right after the first move and then continued the moves already in the script. Saying something seemed to grab everyone’s attention and then they were all dead.

I think it should be a little more difficult then it already is. The shout range should be smaller, so the player would need to travel more to gather everyone.

Nightwolf, how are you not dying? As soon as I yell and go back to the safe zone (70, 10) the towers are destroyed and im a goner. I must be mmissing something.

Sounds like a bug! Your code should work. Can you post a screenshot? I’m trying out the code you’re using (except I fixed the newlines from the forum post–try indenting by four spaces for code) and everything is working:

this.moveXY(50, 16);
this.moveXY(63, 20);
this.moveXY(70, 10);  // This is a safe spot.
this.say("I can lure them in here.");
// Run your soldier out where the ogres can hear you
this.moveXY(65, 20);
// Say something!
// Then run back behind the arrow towers for safety
this.moveXY(70, 10);

Sorry about this!

The shout range is pretty vast, yeah. I plan on reducing it as soon as I implement range circles so you can see how far things will reach–otherwise the level gets really fiddly. (We don’t want any levels to be fiddly: the difficulty should come from programming, not from finding the right values.)

I understand. @is_craftsman, no . they die quickly. i tried dwarfmoss’s choice, and that works as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Nick! I just thought of something, I’m on a mac using Safari as the browser. I’m a tad curious to try this out again on FireFox, Chrome and IE. I have a feeling I would beat this level with no issue. Here is the screenshot of my poor Tharin and towers’ demise…whoops, wait, new users aren’t allowed to upload screenshots. So…I am actually going to send you an e-mail because it doesn’t appear I’m allowed to upload images yet.

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Hmmm…looks like I can’t even play any levels in IE9 or IE10 running Windows 8. Checking Chrome and FireFox in both OS’s. Oh, how I love web applications…

WOW! I just played this in Chrome and I owned the level! All ogres destroyed, Mr. Tharin still enjoying life and BOTH my towers are still standing…so it appears that Safari parses the timing in the game a little differently. Don’t know if we can code for this, but I’d sure love to give it a try if I could…that way our Safari users will have a worry-free and death-free experience :wink:

FireFox also yields the same spectacular success…hope my frustrations will save anyone else having a hard time on this level!

Great job craftsman :smile: That is marvelous. The information is exactly the type of information we need for debbuging. You should try and play each new level on safari and ie 9 and see exactly wich won’t work. In that matter, we should suggest a browser for now.

Wow, thanks for that debugging info, @is_craftsman! I’ll figure out why it’s not working in Safari and get that hooked up. IE isn’t intended to be supported yet, it’s true; there should be a warning on the home page when viewing it in IE.

hey guys what is the code for zone of danger it is the hardest level on it and i can’t get past please help

Zone of Danger is pretty hard, yeah–more of a demonstration level than a teaching level, since you already need to do for-loops, etc. If you can’t beat it, you could wait until it (or levels like it) are integrated into a progressive campaign designed to teach you the knowledge you’ll need for it.