[Adventurer] Skeleton Puzzle

This is the official Adventurer thread for Skeleton Puzzle.

It is an advanced Glacier level, so don’t worry too much if it is too much to grasp currently. Check it out and try to break it!

@Bryukh will make sure the level is in tip-top shape for release in a few weeks.


Nice level. I want bigger puzzle :slight_smile:

Bigger puzzle can be a problem with some combinations. I limit the number of moves which are required to solve the puzzle. Anyway the algorithm to solve 15-puzzle is the same :slight_smile:

If you want more puzzles - don’t worry, they will be there soon.

There are two main approaches to solve this programmatically, one systematic, and one using pathfinding algorithm. The current time limit will cause some initial formations to time out for the former.

I find this level very interesting