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[Adventurer] Them Bones

The level Them Bones is ready for playtesting!

This level takes place in the Game Dev 1 campaign. It introduces new game objects: Monster Generators, Skeletons, and Lightstones.


I completed the level without issue. Sometimes, I tried to attack the skeletons when I had the lightstone and the skeletons ended up killing me first. Maybe you should increase the damage dealt from 60 to 300 so you can one shot the skeletons for a little extra fun.


Yeah I agree with @_TD_RodYT. I think overall though it was overall pretty good!


Another simple and fun adventurer level as usual :slight_smile:


Of course! Every time :smile:


Very fun.

I had to make it more interesting though:

player = game.spawnHeroXY("champion", 15, 35)
player.attackDamage = 100
player.maxSpeed = 14


# Spawn a "generator"
A=game.spawnXY('generator', 16, 50)

B=game.spawnXY('generator', 16, 15)
C=game.spawnXY('generator', 64, 50)
D=game.spawnXY('generator', 64, 15)
E=game.spawnXY('generator', 46, 30)
# Spawn a "lightstone"

game.spawnXY('lightstone', 16, 50)
game.spawnXY('lightstone', 16, 15)
game.spawnXY('lightstone', 64, 50)
game.spawnXY('lightstone', 64, 15)
game.spawnXY('lightstone', 46, 30)
game.spawnXY('lightstone', 20, 30)
# Now beat your game!

Nice! :laughing:[quote="_TD_RodYT, post:2, topic:11405"]
Maybe you should increase the damage dealt from 60 to 300 so you can one shot the skeletons for a little extra fun.

This is Game Dev, where you can change your own damage if you want to smash the skeletons :grin:. Is there anything that would help encourage you to do that, or make it more obvious that you can do it?


I noticed that the skeleton’s health was 300 and sometimes before I obtain the lightstone, the skeletons end up killing me. I decide to finish of one so it would give me enough time to grab the stone. So that’s why I set my attack to 300.

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How’s this for “more interesting”?

player.attackDamage = 9999999999
player.maxHealth = 9999999999
player.maxSpeed = 9999999999

Also I noticed that at this speed when I click on a skeleton to attack it, I glitch back and forth around the skeleton, and one second later when I stop glitching, the skeleton falls dead, sort of like this. (It’s a glitch, but it’s a fun glitch. I’m hoping it stays :smile:)

NOTE: Artist’s conception. Yes, I could do a better art job if I had the time. (Final exam season is the worst.)

No, Trollface and Illuminati do not really appear, but…MLG, you know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: