[Adventurer] Taunting

Hi! Here is the new level to practice with type property and == operator.

This is an educational level and made to fill a learning gap. I think you don’t need additional comments, because it’s a simple one for experienced adventurers.

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I always love @Bryukh’s levels! IDK why, but his is the best!

Thanks :slight_smile: Just several years of practice plus spacious mind (Reading books, playing games, trying to learn everything).

I know, we haven’t posted about new levels for long time. Honestly, we’ve made many new levels, but they are adopted for classroom version only. I hope we will find way how to fit them in the Home version.

P.S.: I know the proverb “Jack of all trades is master of none” :wink:


@Bryukh, I’m really excited for your challenge levels!