[Adventurer] The gates of death: The dungeon general

For beginners who wants to try out a little challenge, this series of levels will be the perfect one for you! In this series, you must defeat all ogres in every level, and eventually I will release a boss level, WARNING: SUPER HARD and that is where you can pass the gates of death!
Your squad(Note: Not the yetibab, that’s my pet! XD):

Enemies to face:

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seems cool, trying it now

wow, this is hard, but well built and a masterpiece

exept the after defeating the headhunter, all of my troops just walk into a wall.

Which boss star do you have?

wait, give me a sec, I think I kow what I am doing wrong

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but it is number 3(20 chars)

So you should be able to command up to the paladins.

oops, can’t believe I forgot I will try this again

well, you’ve got a good level on your hands, it’s just a bit confusing, it could do better with a bit of a starting code or more helpful comments, but it is a great concept. I myself couldn’t complete it, but I think it’s great.

beat it with 6 lines of code.

Beat it easily with pender cuz she can shoot through walls

Will ban lightning twigs lol

all wands and spells could attack through walls. why don’t you ban weapons instead? That will make things a lot more interesting.

Great idea, I will ban the attack() and cast() OOF!

and scattershot() (20)

OFC I totally forgot that

Now that will be hard :smiley:

MUA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Haven’t done it rn cuz I’m on my iPhone X, but I’ll do it l8tr. Argh it’s so hard to type on a X