[Adventurer] The gates of death: Undying Bones

You traveled to the place you heard that has the second clue to getting to the gates of death, the desert, but there was ogres camping and to go past the golden door, you need to kill the headhunter! This is a bit harder than the last level, but try rookies, try.

I can’t collect the key.

Also easily beat it with pender for the same reason. She can shoot through walls and with the burl staff she can 1 shot both of the witches

Ok then I’ll ban the lightning twig. And ban some magic :wink:

The key disappears when I try to collect it.

btw @Chaboi_3000 you’re using Witch Heroes, not witches. They only have 6 health. Same with the headhunters. And they don’t do anything xD