[Adventurer] The Master Fangrider


You are trapped with a Fangrider who hath slayed thousands before you. He drinks the blood of his victims and becomes stronger every day. Will you be able to stop him?


Beat it :wink: pretty easy.


Hm… Send me the solution.

I feel like something is fishy here.


You should fix this ://


-_- yeah. (20 chars)

I decided to just delete it




ILLUMINATI COMFIRED (illuminati music dododododododooo)


How is that Illuminati confirmed? I don’t see any triangles anywhere.


How much health does the fangrider have?


17500 (20 charsssss)


How to allow the hero access to an item in a level, even if they don’t have it unlocked?

(Because I want the hero to be able to summon artillery)

By the way the health isn’t 17500 anymore


Guys, I just bloodily murdered the Master Fangrider (has 75000 health) by myself.


how? He has 3000 hp left after my archer onslaught. (kudos to the 2900 gold bonus)


I’ll DM you hints. But yeah don’t tell other people about the gold bonus :wink:


(I just realized some of the things your pets can catch. I need to test that.)


When i was playing this lvl my pet wasn’t able to catch anything


You aren’t supposed to catch anything lol


yeah, I learned that the hard way.


You could post your level here.


Nah the topic might get crowded and messy so individual topics are better.