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[Adventurer] Volcano Fighters


The level Volcano Fighters is ready for testing.

It’s Mountain level from Geometry series.


completed without issue

This level was limited to only Lady Ida Justheart was this because she is a paladin? Was this intentional?

Completed the bonus: :sunglasses:

Added a LUA patch


A special team of paladins can cordon a volcano.

change to

A special team of paladins can corral a volcano.

Not that cordon is wrong, I believe its just not used very much like that… Thought it would help teach words to include it.


Score 155? Why?


@juraj_pechac do you mean how?



Thanks! Merged.

It was @serg 's phrase, so let’s ask him.

I think he used the gold wand.


I think he used the gold wand.

This level is limited only to Lady Ida Justheart …


Hm. You are right. Then I suppose he was fast :slight_smile:


see issue:


@Harry_the_Wanderer I mean how?


Actually, if you enter the link rather than go into the level through the map, you can bypass the champion selection screen just by clicking the X, and you will use the champion you were previously using.