Almost Perfect Minefield. (Hack/Cheat?)

The image says most of it but if you have Ritic. You can basically just phase shift and cheat the whole level… I don’t know whether this is intended or not.

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It’s not intended, but there’s no way to prevent it except for restricting Ritic

I’ve seen lvls where they can restrict a special ability. Or it’s just i have a fish memory :eyes:

I don’t remember any levels like, that, but maybe

u can do the same thing with pender, haste + jump with max boots + reset cooldown + jump again


Well, there are a couple more levels you can do so.
I think restricting heroes is the only way to prohibit it and avoid such solutions. However, people can still go by a link and complete the level.


broken circles can also be cheesed with ritic

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Much more rewarding to do it the hard way though :]

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Yes, peter is right, you can only learn without cheating, and by the way, it is not hack.

But why did you say that… You could’ve put the “thumb” emoji, instead of writing in a topic which was active 2 months ago.