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The new level "Almost Perfect Minefield"


There is a new level for the true adventurers: Almost Perfect Minefield.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love mazes and fire traps :slight_smile: But don’t worry that level is not so hard. Of course. if you understand of jumping mechanic.

Feel free to ask any question. I’m waiting for your feedbacks. And cheats, but for that level, it’s not so strict as for “Broken circles”, so if you’ll find how to solve it without jumping, please, share with me (I’m curious).


Oh, very nice!

The level seems fairly straightforward, so I’m not sure if it’s even worth trying to cheat.

By the way, is the level randomized? I submitted and the level stayed the same.

I’m not sure if this counts as an exploit or “optimization”, but you can use the swap spell on this level. See my game session.

Also, the level has no achievements (no gems/xp reward either). Is this intentional?


No, no, no. It’s not you. :wink:

There are 4 (or 3) maps, so it’s possible to get the same.

I think it’s funny and not a cheat. Btw, one or two maps have “diagonals” shortcut. I made them on purpose for “leaderboards” :wink:

Because it’s not “adventure mode” yet. But I think this post can be a prove that it’s ready for that :wink:


Ahahah, yeah. :smile:

My work life and personal life are somewhat complicated at the moment, though. I’ll probably explore more exploits if I’m still alive by the weekend, hahah. :laughing:


@Bryukh So far so good.

I submitted a static answer many times and passed. Is this an “exploit” ?

Which ever map you start with, if someone just creates a path to jump through they can submit it until the map repeats and complete the level.

perhaps adding code text like:

var minefield = hero.findHazards();
//Create a 2d array of mines using minefield

might encourage more students to try to create a 2d array and then find a safe path through instead of just the brute force method.

Though depending on where they are in the game, I don’t remember when it was a requirement to have/use glasses with .findHazards() or .isPathClear(). If they don’t have access to the .findHazards() method yet just having the comment and a GUI finger pointing that they should “add code here” might be enough.


Yeah. It’s the same for “maze” levels usually. Of course, I can increase the number of maps, but it doesn’t close the problem. If somebody wants to cheat that way (hard-coding) – it’s their decision. For me, it’s like to play a quest with by walkthrough.

A good point. thx.


Ok I found one exploit. I messaged it to you. I will keep searching.


Thanks! Fixed and I get the useful knowledge about my favorite traps :slight_smile: