Adventurer level Feedback

CodeCombat should restrict flags so you can’t poking around with them and if you get a flag behind there somewhere the yaks attack you. You should make it so hero’s abilities are not used if they are it angers the heard and all the yaks attack you.

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I mean i think that may be the point so it makes it more of a challenge for you to try and use abilities. Are yak’s invincible?

We should make it so abilities do not matter and so you can’t use flags to cheat

@milton.jinich are flags not yet restricted? Strange. Thanks for reporting!
@Archipelago-Gold the point of the level is to introduce Vectors, so it’s important that people use Vectors instead of something else, otherwise it’ll be confusing for them later on.


Yaks are not invincible and I meant heroes like ritic can phase-shift/blink/shadow-vortex their way out.

I’ve just submitted a patch that removes support for flags. Thanks for the report Milton! :+1:

Thanks I’ll try to find a few more cheats to patch and submit