An idea for polls

I think you should get a blue notification if someone votes on your poll
Like quoting and reactions.


Maybe, but if a ton of people vote, it can get chaotic.


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eh, if it all piles up as one notification then it wouldn’t be that bad

One like notification lasts the whole day. Once you’ve been notified about a like on your post, you’re not notified about it again until the next day, even if more people like it. So you wouldn’t necessarily be overflowed. I kinda like the idea.

I also think that the “Topic” badges should be for views, not likes. People tend to like replies in a topic, not the topic itself (Though there are a couple of times where this isn’t true).
(Bronze for 500, Silver for 2000 and Gold 5000)

Like this?

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Sorry for the ping but, @nick what’re your thoughts?