What do you want in the forum(Just Ideas)

Over here you can say what you want in the future of this forum and maybe they will update it

I know I want some competitions in this so we can win certain things

Imma make a poll

  • I want more ways to talk
  • I want more interactive stuff(Games, Competitions, etc)
  • I want to be able to change more stuff in the forum

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lol 3 voters voted all of them :laughing:

Feel free to make your own polls. Mine is NOT that good


Share this to everyone you know!

choose a/multipule option

  • more people
  • less people
  • less spamming
  • more spamming
  • more topics
  • less topics

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edit: wow so many people voted

I don’t mind spamming since I don’t have my notifications on… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I dont get your poll

@discobot what can you do

you should pm him he wont reply unless you do that.

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what don’t you get??

Sup guys I am reviving this topic :V also what topic you use to talk with each other now ? please tell me so i can go there

This is the second time you’ve posted on a topic that hasn’t been posted on in 2 years, and it’s off-topic…