Announcement: Pets


A cerebus? and you take out the ‘s’ at the end of that sentence.

I am now your new English teacher MUHAHAHAHA


A dragon is better :stuck_out_tongue: It can breath fire


Maybe this hydra could be a ogre/thokars pet.


Ooooooo, great idea! More heads to chop off! Woohoo!

I’m thinking that you would iterate through the array of heads and attack the strongest head first. While pet.head > 0, keep attacking!


But you have to do it quickly because remember each time you chop off a head he regrows one :wink: @MunkeyShynes


But that would be to over powered so if hydra goes into CoCo they should probably not add that ability. I also like your pet.head > 0 idea :smiley:


Would definitely need the strongest swords with over 200 dps and a lot of armor. :person_fencing:




Is that art from magic the gathering?


LOL. Good one!


I don’t think so.
(20 characters)


Thokars Hydra will be the final level on volcano.


Also maybe throughout the levels you might find some hydra scales to make hydra armor?


It would be cooler to own a good hydra.
Good hydra vs Bad hydra = Awsome battle!


I’ll be the bad one. :wink:


And i shall be the good one


I really think a hydra will be a nice pet, but it’s going to ruin the game balance(which is not fair), so I’ll just keep it without the hydra


Yea. As much as i like the hydra it would be ruining the game balance


I want a pet squirrel…


OO. Jedi squirrels!! I WANT THEM!!!