Announcement: Pets

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Sorry about that! We’ll fix it soon.

In the meantime, if you bought a pet you can’t use, you can email and our support folks will help you out with your lost gems.


I have the baby griffen

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This was before they were released so please don’t revive these topics.

Non-subscribers can still equip pets

Is the blue fox pet released? I saw someone equipped with it.

I have and idea. Maybe CodeCombat could collaborate with artists to introduce like maybe characters that could be friends to our heros. Like a Steph Curry Character? Just saying!!!:smile:. Lets Go Warriors, We did it!!! Sorry all you cavs fans out there!:wink:.

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LeBron will get you next year!:smile:


Wasn’t this the cavaliers worst defeat in years?

Let’s go warriors, but did you watch game 3?

How about DanTDM?

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Have you seen the DanTDM Thang?


yeah, a bunch of months ago.

He will be on a different team!:wink:

What do you mean @SwyGuy?

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Comments a little higher up i’m a LeBron fan. I’m not trying to be mean though. And if it came across mean I appologize.

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Don’t be so sure. This is Curry’s 3rd Finals victory over Lebron!!

That sounds good. We should create another topic about this!

Ok so I created a new topic for the discussion of friends or companions to our heros. Click here:

Hey guys :)))))))))))))))

I would kind of want a three headed dog like hades’s
Related image

They can attack from 3 different angles!!

Also I would want a dino :DD