[Suggestion] Maybe introduce Dragons?

I was thinking that Codecombat is super awsome but then i realised that it does not have dragons. I am suggesting that mabye the devs could add dragons. Some could be pets but others could be ogre dragons. Yea so those are my one cent thoughts

I saw 2 new pets on the queue, the panther pet and the tiger pet

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[Suggestion] Stop Making New Pets / Items and make New Levels

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Hey chill, levels will come when summer break ends.

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Why chill? there haven’t been new levels for like 8 months now

Actually the last one was released on June 15, ingredient identification.

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That one doesn’t count.

It’s not even exciting.

Yeah, we need more puzzles from @Bryukh

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What kind of levels you want? Maybe I will find some time to make a code puzzle or any other level.

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Code Puzzles are nice

Missile Dodging, Missile Launching, and other kinds of levels that need strategic and/or creative solutions would also be great. :thinking: hm I think that’s all I can think of right now…

Well, thanks @Bryukh :smiley:

Need something completely new. I prefer something like a set of challenge levels, which require a brain used and I really want none of the normal ”Defeat ogres” level, I need something more of a brain bender and requires a lot of time, since it’s summer break and I have pretty much nothing to do other than chilling and reading books. I appreciate if you don’t give us a starter code, and instead you give us a few hints and then make us solve it(Unless it is based on a new concept of codecombat, we might need some starter code), so I’ll be doing something on my localhost codecombat and some unity C# game design until you make a level(s). Please make something REALLY interesting because I know your levels are interesting @Bryukh.
Best, @Chaboi_3000


You know this is way off topic right? You didn’t even tell me if you liked my idea or if you wanted to make a little change to it

nah dragons are a horrible idea. There. I’ve given you my opinion.

Edit: don’t tell me I’m being mean.

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@Archion but I think that a dragon is a good idea, exept it could be summoned with a new item like boss star VI, or just a normal unit, OR BOTH!!! And you could ride it and blast fire with a burn effect, Great, now i’m drooling.

@Not_a_User, :drooling_face:

@Not_a_user way too overpowered

Also if you’re riding it and enemies attack you, does the dragon take the damage for you or do you take the damage?

dragon, then when it dies, you take fall damage

Fall Damage? but how come when you get blown sky high by a fire-trap, and then you fall down, you only take damage from the fire trap but not from falling?

in that case, the dragon breathes fire all over the place as a death cry and you get burned

What if the user is using enameled dragon armor? (you know, the golden red armor thingy?) Since it’s made of dragon material, shouldn’t it protect the user from burns

How about the dragons claws scratch you as it is falling