Are decoys too annoying in multiplayer?

@Grand_Sorcerer I think I’ve seen you in the leader boards, but you and several other people that I “can count them by fingers of one hand - and no thumb needed” are the only new faces there for the last 2 years and they all are non subscribers. So codecombat will only win if they stay.
It’s easy to make sorting by heroes in the leader boards, in the multiplayer arenas but this will only hide the problems, but not solve them

No thumb need :laughing:
I think what happens is that people play the game and enjoy it enough to subscribe. In other words, people don’t straight up subscribe, but subscribe after they find they enjoy the game enough(which is your point I think).
I think we shouldn’t sort by hero, but rather, subscribers and nonsubscribers for multiplayer(In other words, what we have right now, and a tournament where you are only allowed to use Tharin, Anya, Ida, and Alexandrio). Subscribers can play in the secondary tournament but they can only use non-subscriber heros there. That way, subscribers still can make use of their subscription and non-subscribers can compete on even ground.

Starting levels I often see “Codecombat is free and will be always free”. This is a kid coding game and it must give equal opportunities to all kids to progress, even by different paths (subscriber vs non subscriber). So the next lines are from old post from this forum where a girl explains why she cannot afford a new computer to run all codecombat levels /google translate/:

- That I manage to migrate from the country [Extremely difficult for the average 
Venezuelan to legalize everything, and have support, some countries when you 
carry the documents with you, they destroy them when trying to migrate]
- Change of government [I doubt that, living in an ochlocracy]
- Buy a new computer [The above things are much more possible before this 
happens with the current government system and the shattered economy I live in,
barely enough to eat 1 or 2 times a day]

@xython I think by creating two tournaments, one which you can use subscriber things, and one which you can not, will give equal chances to non-subscribers while still incentivizing people to subscribe.

this is sorta kinda tinsy tinsy off topic

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Whoops. You’re right. Sorry :frowning: . Anyway, I think for multiplayer levels it might make sense to only be able to summon decoys via hammers if you are using a warrior.

Have you seen the name turnaround in the multiplayer and the leader board charts? I’ve been searching in the “Top Players by *** ,Latest” for his code, when he/she was active - I’ve seen some very clever things from it. Do you think such users will stay if there are no new challenges? And knowing that there are no new levels for 2 years except the recent tournament? The fastest way to revive codecombat is to democratize the multiplayer arenas.

How do I invite you to a pm? Sorry, I’m kind of new her(I don’t see the blue message button when I click on your avatar).

Yep, turnaround is (was) extremely hard to beat. He also used decoys as far as I remember.
Now you can look at Dueling Grounds - hmm3hero rocks.


In Zero Sum now, after many people with decoys, people with really good program with griffins can’t beat them. I think, in Zero sum it will be fair if we coudn’t summon peasants with decoys (like in Ace of Coders). Also, to write decoys there, you don’t need really good program to win against really good programs with griffins. Even I use decoys too.

But in Multiplayer Arenas like Dueling grounds or Cavern Survival, it will be unfair. Because lots of non-subscribed warrirors have really good programs (like @Alexbrand or @hmm3hero) it one of the main ways to win. Because subscribers can win just with their heroes and best equipment. n Cavvern Survival warrior can’t be high in leaderboard without decoys (and fire-traps!).

So, I think you can restrick decoys only in Zero Sum.

Although, saying that, I don’t think this tactic should be allowed:
-Out of bounds decoy placement:
Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 09.49.52
I know it’s a clever tactic that utilises a gap in the defences of the level but it’s a bit… cheaty. It’s impossible for me or my soldiers to chase the decoy and so we remain fixed in the same spot for the whole game. A bit like with the blue fox but much worse. I think if that was fixed (by changing the boundaries of the game) then it would be alright, but that kind of tactic closes down any creativity for all the other players (although it is creative itself) because no code change will change the outcome of the battle. The hero will always target the decoys no matter what, so even if Hmm3hero is reduced to 500 life while playing against me, I can’t improve that score because I’m constantly being called to attack an unreachable decoy.


I’ve been on the leaderboards for a long time and that only started happening once the aforementioned error started:

Before that there were plenty of new players: subscriber and non-subscriber, but now only non-subscribers manage to stay above the errors using arrow towers (another ingenious tactic). So decoys are missing the point: if we want to rejuvenate the multiplayer leaderboards that error must be fixed.

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I guess I know how this tactic originated :relaxed: Mea culpa) And yes it’s kinda a dirty trick… OK, I’ll take it out of my strategy.

Yeah, it’s impossible to launch decoy in “outer space” in Cavern Survival.

Again I agree. And would like to add one more ancient Evil - possibility to define enemy.hero as variable and intercept its control.

@Alexbrand I use just decoys and a arrow-tower and defeated you

I even have proof look at this

and this

I am only 8 I also used some ritic tactics and consecrate and backstab(consecrate is useful)
also @hmm3hero is using the enemy=hero.findNearestEnemy enemy.say(somthing)and i am getting frustrated @nick can you look in to this?

Yes, he somehow gives me an error.

And I do nothing. 20

and I deleted my code and is still a error

Congrats!) Domo arigato godzaimas)) You’re one of several active now players who are able to)))

The point is that one need to beat almost everyone in the pool to reach quite high ranking. Without losses and ties. So your code should work for many players.

At this moment I think only me and @hmm3hero can do that. @nick, @xython, and some more skilled people also i believe.
If someone is in the first 10 (or even 20 I’d say) - it’s pretty good place. Especially for players who submitted their code months and years ago.

I know I know, I noticed) It;s OK to win in battle with me)

Uhmm, it’s strange. He looked to play fair game.