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Auto complete in wrong language


I am using java script and have made sure that my language is set to JS. But after I logged in on another computer the auto complete is completing with “hero.” instead of “this.”


It takes a bit of time for the system to register it.
if you wait a while but it still does not work, hit the refresh button in the top right corner.


The same happens in pyhton: autocomplete puts hero instead of self. @nick?

(I’m too l lazy this to open a ticket :wink:)


What level were you seeing this on? Also what code was in the code editor when the level loaded?

hero is a new thing that will be announced very soon, but for now it should only be showing up for autocomplete if you already had “hero” somewhere in your code when the level loaded.


I was playing Summits gate and there wasn’t any code when the level loaded, just comments in JS.