Urgent help needed, please. Cant code in Python

I purchased 12 accounts for a 5-day Summer Camp, The accounts were all set to use Python by default. One student accidentally changed his account’s language to “Io” on day 2. I resetted the language (under hero) to Python; but now the account is not usable at all: it does NOT recognize Python no matter how many times I reset, login-in/out, or switch machines. I reported the problem on day 2 immediately via in-game email. I couldn’t find a phone number to talk to real person! Today is day 3 and no body responded to my problem yet. Tomorrow is day 4. The accounts is already out of mission on day 2 and 3. This is urgent! Please help me fix the account so students can play with the account! Thanks

How is the account not usable?
Does it at least recognise Io ?
Did you try reloading the level? (Top right button)

Edit: I tried some things myself.
Did you try the following:
Click on a level, press play
Press "Change Hero"
Choose a hero, change the programming language to Python and press next.

Changing the language using the hero button on the map screen didn’t seem to change anything but using the change hero button within the level worked.

Hey MLV, I sent you an email earlier today; the account should be good to go again now.

Thanks for resetting the language. We’ll test it tomorrow. Can you point me to where I can see the instruction for resetting language so I can take care of similar situations in the future?

I also noticed that I can’t change the profile picture for this particular account. My profile image and the small icon image are different. I was able to change the other accounts in the same batch.

Sure; when you go to play the level, go back from the inventory selector to the hero selector, then change the language in the dropdown; go forward twice to play the level, and then press the reload button in the upper right to get the sample code in the new language.

Try logging into that account on the http://direct.codecombat.com server; it doesn’t cache as much, so you might get the updated image more freshly there.

Same goes to me, I accidentally chose javascript in a couple of levels in the desert place. Please help :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have the same problem the solution should be in the post before yours.

Or doesn’t it work going to the choose hero menu and changing the language?

And if the problem is JS sample code remaining - Doesn’t it work pressing the reload button in the upper right?