Backwood Brawl without Cleave

Hey, Can I survive without using cleave?
My long-sword disappeared and no other weapon has Cleave as an option. Only Power-Up

You can beat this level without cleave, but you will need a strong weapon. But this level is a repeatable level and therefor you will earn a huge amount of gems if you beat it. I would recommend to use the Kithsteel Blade, because u can kill throwers pretty easy… If your longsword is just unavailable in this level contact support, maybe they can help you. I am able to use it…

If your longsword disappeared, replay the level that gives it to you. There seems to be a strange bug deleting gained (not bought) items, which will be tackled soon.
You can find which level gives which item here.

If more than one item disappeared, please write a new Topic and label it as BUG. Add to which level you got (so we can see which items you should have) and if you bought any items (especially if those are missing as well).