Lost my cleave() function?

I’m in Backwoods Forest, stuck on Hold the Forest Pass and Signal Corpse. I seem to have lost my cleave() function and can’t figure out how to get it back. I have used it in past levels, but I don’t see it in any of my available or locked weapons.

I know in Hold the Forest Pass, there are other ways to complete the level without cleave)_, but Signal Corpse says to use it in the instructions. Strange thing about that level is that ALL of my swords are restricted. So it’s impossible to do anything.

What happened?

The cleave function is granted by the Long Sword. You need to have a Long Sword equipped in order to use the cleave function.

I know I had a long sword in a past level, because I have used the cleave() function in the past. But I wonder if it was given to me just for that level? Does that happen?

I don’t see the long sword anywhere. It’s not an option for me to unlock it. Which I find confusing since I am at levels where it is needed.

I have been choosing levels based on the large red arrow recommendations. Am I missing something?


You could try replaying Ogre Encampment, where the Long Sword is unlocked.