Backwoods forest can't see no further tasks

Hello everyone!
Maybe someone can help me. I can’t see any new tasks since yesterday’s evening :frowning: I have subscription for this month and before it all worked.
Maybe I’m doing smth wrong, so your help would be welcomed.
Yesterday I read faq and found links to new tasks ahead but actually it will not solve my problem :sweat:
so if you have any ideas why it like that please, comment

thanks a lot!

What’s about the grey flag?

Вы никогда не делали уровень с серым флагом на нем.

@Neel_Sharma Это хитрое предложение (смысл которого я не понимаю) или гугл переводчик?
Is it a tricky sentence (I don’t get it) or google translate?

I just use google translate.

thank you for you answers, suggestions and comments.
My problem was and is I couldn’t see next task, I read faq and there guy had the same problem but he almost finished tasks in this island. another guy gave him a link to his logical next task.
I had no tasks anyway so I followed that link also. That is why gray flag appeared far away. For some time I couldn’t manage it because this task was a bit difficult from that place where I stopped.

So I still have problem - I want to go back to that place where my flags stopped to appear and continue all those next following task that I jumped.
I don’t want to miss smth in studying that is why if someone can give me a link to next task after Woodland Cleaver - that would be great!


@elenika Please try replaying and resubmitting your latest level solutions.

There have been quite a few sporadic reports of levels sometimes not unlocking properly, and resubmitting the solution for the level usually fixes the problem and unlocks the next level.

I’ve got the same problem but only with 2 levels in Forest. I did 79/81 and no more dots are visible :frowning:
I see that many people have problem with not unlocking levels in forest… I re-played few last levels, it did’t help. I’m also not sure which dots are missing, because I finished Forest and play in Desert now, so I guess missing dots can be everywhere- I don’t know which lvl eventually resubmit and I really don’t want resubmit all of them…
@elenika did you find solution?

Thank you very much for your advice
Actually I tried it at once but then it didn’t work, but after your message I tried again and it worked!! So I am happy now :slight_smile:

Hello!! Yes, I replayed last game(task) before this gap in tasks and it finally worked. Hope you’ll solve your problem soon… Maybe also try by replaying (write all code again)last one before gap. Or if you tried it already it is better to ask someone for picture of all dots-tasks in this island so you will know for sure what have been missing. Wish you good luck!