Some levels stays unlocked

I started to playing code combat 6-12 month ago. I have not played the game after I proceeded to some levels in Backwoods Forest. And, I resumed to play the game yesterday.
After I finished “Range Finder” in Backwoods Forest, the next level “Peasant Protection” have not been unlocked. So, I can’t play following levels. I also found “If-stravaganza” have been locked which is mid of main levels.

My account: subscribing
Language: JavaScript
Browser: mac chrome

I tried to play again all the levels I already submitted in Backwoods Forest and re-submitted them. But the problem have not been solved.

I’m not sure this is bug or not.
Is there any solution?

Peasant Protection may be a subscription level. Have you paid the subscription?

Thank you for your reply.
I have paid the subscription. However this level haven’t been unlocked…

Ok this is probably a bug. You may need @nick.

You may want to post this on GitHub

Thank you for your advice.
I’ll report this as an issue on GitHub.

You’re welcome!:smile: