Battle of Red Cliffs grouping help

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: Can somebody help me on how to group my thiefs in a group and then they attack. Need help Urgently…

Try to attack different enemies. Firstly enemy-thiefs then rangers and wizards because they are dangerous.

Can you explain what do you mean?

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find the average position of your thieves and make them move there

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So that’s it how did you do this? I thought you are using Vectors…

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grouping means that getting them in a place to group them up and then they should attack the enemy when it is close

please help me (20 chars)

you put it on solution

what does (20 chars) mean

Why can’t somebody post the solutions please

there is no solution for this

@goutham123 This level is a challenge level…it is up to you to provide your own solution.

Regardless, we don’t post solutions on this forum. We will assist, guide, and even teach, but we will not just provide the answers. Doing so is against the forum rules and can possibly get you muted, suspended, or banned.

Can you please guide me in this

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