Spawn competition

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a ripoff of the battle of red cliffs (I did not make this, I just wanted to play it with more people)

dont make topics that may become spam please :slight_smile:
[EDIT: thanks moon, i was rude first post…]

beat ya :slight_smile: ez clap using wizards

this is a junk topic?

yea lol

It’s really not a junk topic…

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still if anyone would like to try spawn competition, it’s really fun and you should at least give it a chance :blush:

hint: supports are almost everything. it is almost impossible to win without witches. bombers are also almost everything. they are ranged area damage flyers and they deal insane damage.

This is DEFINITELY not a junk topic. It belongs to ‘Adventurer’ and I suggest that either @strongster or someone from Regulars change the topic type.

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