Battles not loading

All of a sudden every time I try to log into a battle the load bar stops halfway and never finishes. I’ve tried clearing my cash tried a private browser tried logging in and tried logging in back out. Nothing seems to work please help

hmmm unfortunately I’m not sure what happening @nick

Do you have a lot of tabs open? Or perhaps the level you’re trying to go in has a lot of items.

No all tabs closed. This is for the tundra event fyi. Sorry it’s my 12 year old son that is doing this. I will post a succession of screenshots later to show the issue more clearly.

When he clicks the battle hyperlink in blue, it then switches to the normal loading screen and then just stops where the second screenshot shows. The same thing is occurring on his laptop and my iPhone. He’s crushed because this his first event and his score keeps dropping and he can’t do anything about it. Sadly I just don’t understand this stuff.

Maybe your code is really slow? If its slow it should give a popup… Or it could be a enemy who’s code is slow. Also check in the url that its team=humans or team=ogres (otherwise it doesn’t load). Maybe check if some one else on a iphone has the same problem?

It’s the same on his laptop which is what he’s using. I only posted pics from my iPhone as it was easier

hmmmmmm…@Chris_Fitzpatrick is it it just one person or all of them

go to this topic, it might help a little

and @nick , @Bryukh , and @Chaboi_3000 can you look into this?

Anyone he tries to challenge same result. We’ve waited 30min for it to load and nothing.

ok. I contacted the admins+creators, so only time will tell if it gets fixed. sry I couldn’t help more :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thank you for all you have done. Really means a lot. :pray:

thnks. 20 charssssssssssss

Hi. What’s your nickname in codecombat?

My sons is fitzirish.

Hmmm, I see the problem. Need to talk with engineers.

Are you using C++ on purpose? Maybe it’s a problem

Looks like your code is too big and it causes the issue. It should be reset now

Thank you so much for your help