Best stuff to buy under 4000 gems

Hi there, EpicCoder back, I have 4000 gems and I don’t know what to do with them! What should I buy?

what dont you have? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

still obsidian armor, but i have a better sword which is kithsteel blade, also deflecter

What is your equipment?

You should get The Precios and Gilst Wilstwatch

And Boots of Leaping

And twilight glasses

Now i got the ethzthous’s timepiece so i dont need gilt wristwatch anymore, i will get BOL.

what is BOL(20 chars)

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BOL is probably Boots of Leaping…

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Ok thanks for clarifying


i got twlight glasses and beat ‘the trials’ so ez

Great but why did you reply your self

i need to sleep, idk y

ok bye(have a good sleep)

we all live in north america right

yes i am in canada(20 chars)

oh i’m in america it’s because we sometimes chat late

oh ok @Alvaro_Jimenez_Sando