What should i do with 10k(10'000) gems ( i am not subscriber)

this is my armour

Hi SomeRandomGuy and welcome to the forum :partying_face: :partying_face:
you have the best equipment so far except boss star 4

Try to buy Speed Ring if you haven’t got it.

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If you have the best armor for warrior, you should move on to getting the best armor for ranger or wizard.

He said, he isn’t a subscriber.

got it
also have all the belts and sword of temple guard + sword of forgotten

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nice(20 annoying chars)

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try gettin fast sword like mornings edge or sword of the temple guard

got it already(20chars)

ok then u are all set to go!!!

i guess i got like so many swords

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dude @ZAX155 you are 1 month late

please don’t revive dead topics @ZAX155 and who are you welcoming

its @SomeRandomGuy but its 1 month late…