What should i buy? with 1966 gems

so 1996 gems i have no idea what to do with it

This is just my opinion but if you don’t have it yet, keep saving for the Sword of the Temple Guard, the Deflector shield, and the Enameled Dragonplate armor. They’re expensive but worth it.

I think sword of the forgotten is also a good sword IMO for taking down stronger ogres, but you should always save.

you are right but i have for armor all worn dragonplate and for a sword i have edge of darkness

The Precious - the ring of invisibility, Emperor’s Gloves - cast “chain-lightning” spell, Gilt Wristwatch - time-concirning stuff, Twilight Glasses - lots of operations with enemies/distance/items – are my top)
But it depends on your goals.

invis ring? (20 gems)

invis ring is 2200 gems

20 gems = 20 chars he ment

Oh ok now I get it thanks