Sword of The Temple Guard vs Sword of the Forgotten

Why is the Sword of The Temple Guard more expensive than Sword of the Forgotten? The Sword of the Forgotten has greater damage and knockback. Thank you

First off, note that the raw DPS difference is just ~2.5%, which is completely negligible. Anyway, raw DPS is not a good comparison metric in this case.

Here are the main factors:

Better distributed damage output = less wasted DPS

Consider these cases:

1. You’re facing 4 enemies with <= 50 HP each:

SOTTG: 4 enemies * 1 hit per enemy * ~0.5s per hit = ~2s
SOTF:  4 enemies * 1 hit per enemy * ~1s per hit   = ~4s

In this case, the Sword of The Temple Guard deals twice as much real DPS.

2. Let’s consider a more realistic case, you’re facing 5 enemies with 110HP each:

SOTTG: 5 enemies * 3 hits per enemy * ~0.5s per hit = ~7.5s
SOTF:  5 enemies * 2 hits per enemy * ~1s per hit   = ~10s

Here, SOTTG clears all enemies 25% faster than SOTF, or put in another way, SOTF takes 33% longer than SOTTG to clear all enemies. (The % depends on which you take as base for comparison, it is easier to consider the absolute numbers)

Knockback is not always a good thing

Knockback has strategic potential, but when you just want to kill an enemy, having a knockback effect means you have to run and catch up with the enemy between each blow, which effectively lowers your real DPS a lot.

I’m most likely missing a lot of details, but in my opinion these are the main factors you have to consider when choosing between SOTTG and SOTF.


Thank you. :grinning:

I also intend to add some special abilities to all the high-end weapons, so they’ll have different abilities when I do that. I haven’t had time to get around to it yet, though!


Anyone played with the knockback yet? Is it good or bad for brawls where you just want to get mobs out of range from you?

Also, when the ogres get bigger on screen, is that an enrage-type effect where it allows them to hit you back every time you hit the ogre? If so, the knockback and higher initial damage just gained an advantage of sorts …

The grow is actually a spell, “grow”, from the shamans. Or warlocks. Or whatever magic-type ogres there are.

grow spell