Which is better sword of the forgotten or mornings edge

this one

or this one

personaly i would choose mornings edge because it has a ability and hits nearly as fast as the temple guard but when it comes to brawlers and tanks i would choose temple guard.

Personally, I like both, one attacks fast, and one has an extra-charged cleave.

you are showing the Sword of the Temple not the sword of forgotten

what about
which sword is the best






Runesword and sword of Forgotten

4 and 5 are the best in my opinion.

2 and 5 is best because they are both fast

Sword of the Temple is over priced it should be 3400 it has less dps and lower attack

actually no it’s worth it because it’s very good

Long sword is useful only when you’re being swarmed by a horde of munchkins. The base stats are not that great.
Morning’s edge is great for swarms(It has the fastest attacks), and the flash ability can be very strong if used correctly, as you can deal 341 free damage.
Kithsteel Blade is good in concept but is pretty outshined by other weapons because 7m range isn’t that great.
Sword of the Temple Guard is the top-tier warrior weapon, and it’s probably something you’d save up for. 2nd to fast attacks, and large amounts of damage.
Sword of the Forgotten is useful because of the knockback, but personally I would just go with Sword of the Temple Guard.
Runesword is the slowest and has the highest damage per hit out of all other weapons. It’s probably tempting to purchase for new players, but it isn’t really that useful for later levels.

also sorry if i am going off topic but okar with best armor and mornings edge is OP

also it is Sword of the temple guard not Sword of the Temple