Blocked by CombatCode Premiun Ad After Only 5 Stages

I like that Idea riticmaster908

I agree with your first post Riticmaster, but I also recognise that CoCo does also need to pay its devs.
So there basically is an imperfect situation.
I don’t agree with the 10% more gems though.

ok (I sorta copied the 10% gems thing from prodigy membership) but at least some bonus for premium so people want to buy it

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Ah I see, Thanks for answering my question. :+1:

Thanks for the welcome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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If I’m not wrong, the change only affects any new users, and not previous ones.

Also, I understand the frustration arising from this change, but without people to help pay the bills, CoCo cannot support free users.


Interesting. Can you give the source/link for that data? is it some interview or public data or post mortern? I would like to read about that case, as I know puzzle english still exist.

If you have subscription then no problem at all.

AILeague will be a free product. There is a paid product connected with that but it’s about customized tournaments for schools. I understand why people aren’t glad about this decision – it’s nice to have everything for free. Codecombat is not my first code educational product, so I know examples when the lack of monetization literally killed the product. Also, you overestimate how many people are ready to pay just for premium heroes and advanced content and gems bonuses.

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Sorry, I mistook it.No, it kept at the usual rate.False information.

Also, I have a suggestion @Bryukh
You can make an offer where if someone wants to buy the subscription, they can tell their friends, and possibly send them a code or something, and when for example a certain number of people use it (like 10 for instance) in a certain time limit (like 24 hours), they all get an offer. It can be a type of advertisement.


Thanks. I will send it to our marketing.

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I think if CoCo is doing this it should not be advertised as a “free game” anymore.
It’s causing a lot of confusion.


just like byju futureschool! if you make one of your friends buy membership both you and your friend gets something like 2500 gems

Or a sale on the subscription

but please if you want to make more money maybe run free tornaments and pay to enter tornaments each with unique prizes (pay to enter has better prizes of course)

I would recommend that the Dungeon would be free, maybe also the Forest. The rest you have to get premium to play. That way, if people are interested after playing the first (and maybe second) worlds, then they could pay and get premium to continue playing the game.


yes that is a great idea abc also maybe add a few bonus items (like a exclusive) for subscribers

Yes, I didn’t like coding for awhile, but I like it more after going through the forest. If people could learn what coding is about and how to do it some, I think there would be more people who would buy the subscription. The dungeon doesn’t give much coding skills, it’s the forest that actually starts teaching you coding.


Im thinking about reseting my acc soon
sooo will this new update affect that?