Why can't I move forward in the dungeons?

Hi there.

First of all, I’m not English speaker, so, sorry if I write wrong.

Well, I started the game yesterday for free. I know I’ve got to pay to get more stuffs and so on.

I finished the first dungeon (or island). I was unlocked the second one.

I tried to start the first level, the play button is green and unlocked. I clicked on it, and then, I’ve got a pop-up which tells me to subscribe monthly for $10 or ad vitam eternam for $100.

I just want to play, not want to pay (the l letter is important).

That’d be too bad if codecombat obliged players to pay after a few levels played.

Maybe, I’ve got to wait 24 hrs, or 48. I don’t know.

I read the FAQ Check before posting. There is nothing about my problem.

Please help.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edition :

I best read the FAQ. I saw there are new levels every week. I will wait a week to see if that’s ok.

But, I really don’t understand why the play button is green and I’m not allowed to play without paying. So, if someone can answer me, someone will be grateful.

Are you sure it was not the web development and game development levels? Those are both subscriber worlds.

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First of all if you finished the entire dungeon was your second island another dungeon island, the forest island, or another level in the same world?
If it is another duplicate like the dungeon then it is a bug or glitch and should report it and continue playing in the dungeon and when you finish move on to the forest.
It could be the web or game development worlds of which you need to subscribe to play(the forest island is free).
It also could just be an ad or a subscriber level so I would try to play other levels in your original world if it isn’t another entire dungeon or the forest.
Those are the most likely possibilities and say if it is anything else and I can try to help more.


The forest is a large island not 2 small ones stacked on top of each other.

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This is the next area: https://codecombat.com/play/forest

Hi Chaboi :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering me.

Well, I know the WD and GD levels are payable.
But, I am, it was the normal levels (i.e. Kithgard dungeon and the second one : Backwoods Forest). They’ve all got the play button in green (as it’d say, it’s ok to play). But, I’m popped up a subscription proposal.

Anyway, As I said in my edition. I’ll be waiting for a week, to see if it will be unlocked :wink:

Hi, thank you too.

I’m pretty sure it is not a glitch.

In fact, I passed about 12 levels out of 30 in the first dungeon (Kithgard). I beat the boss, and then, I was opened the second island (Backwoods Forest).

But, the 18 remaining levels in Kithgard and all the Forest are locked.
I read in the FAQ, developers update the levels every week.

What I don’t understand, it is why I’m locked to play the remaining levels ?

Hi Byobcello. thanks.

I try to upload a screenshot or two :wink:

sorry, Cjoint allows me to send only one file.

The first one : http://www.cjoint.com/c/GIgtbQPekif

The last one : http://www.cjoint.com/c/GIgtcJZoGWf

Those are levels for subscribers.
They are extra practice levels, as far as I know.

Ok, thanks. That’s what I was thinking also :wink: