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Yo, guys If you are new, and you struggle with code!


Ask me questions about your level here, up to Backwoods forest.:older_man:


Im glad to see you want to help people. If you download the “gitter chat client” you will be able to help tons of people. I use it when I cant find what I need in google or these forums. Teaching others is a great way to help retain what you already know even if you know little. At least know more than someone that knows nothing.


Dude, can u help me, cause I’m trying to find out how to do this for four days, I still don’t get how to make hero move to the closest item.


I have granted boots of jumping


Yay i actually got it


Here is my code for treasure grove.

while(true) {
var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
var item = hero.findNearestItem();
if (enemy) {
else if (item) {
var pos = item.pos;
var x = pos.x;
var y = pos.y;
hero.moveXY(x, y);



I wish we had a guild chat id gladly help you when ever. If you want to communicate through gitter I dont mind. It seems that you get many of your questions answered through these forums though.


nobody helped me with this one, I tried some codes my self, and I got it.


Please dont click on this link if you dont trust it.

This link is to a website provided on CodeCombat. You can find the link on the community page which is on the bottom of the CodeCombat home page. Its the icon that looks like a colorful tic tac toe. Its alot like gitter except its made for CodeCombat users it seems. If you want to help other or get help you should check it out.


What is it for???


Its a chat room for CodeCombat users.


I went there it says get my invite


The invite is instant once you put your email. You will then make a password once you get the email. Then you can chat with who evers on.


It’s nice, I joined it.


What is “gitter?” Is that slang for github? I don’t see a chat on github, just a board. It’s nice to hear about these forums, but links would a great help in finding them.

I had zero xperience with code prior to this game and now I’m just starting Cloudrip Mountain. I’ve reached a point where I have many questions and need more help but not as much seems to be available as when I was in the lower levels. Discourse and github are okay, but sometimes it can take a day or so to receive a response. When I have time for CoCo, it’s problematic when I have a question and can’t get it answered for a day or so.



You could also use slack. Not many people use this. Im on it everyday you could private message me if you want to. My username is ty_ler


Let’s assume for a moment that I’ve got the mental capacity of a retarded hamster.

I installed the gitter app and searched for codecombat. It returned one chat room that contains no posts and has not been used since July of 2015. Obviously I’m missing something. How do I use gitter for asking questions about CodeCombat levels?


Gitter really isnt for CodeCombat. Its just a code chat room. You can find a Python or JavaScript room. Really you using CodeCombat is irrelevant to any one. A coding problem is a problem no matter what your on. If you want a CodeCombat chat room. Slack was made for this. I think? I only ever see the developers in this chat. Other than that I dont really know of any active chat for CodeCombat.

If you use gitter and have a CodeCombat question. Post pictures so they know what your talking about.


Got it. I understand now. Thanks.