A place to chat

I didnt see one So i thought I would make a place for people to talk

While it’s nice that you are thinking of others, these kinds of topics generally aren’t allowed as they aren’t based on a particular topic like memes or music. However, there is a PM you can join (if you wish) in order to discuss anything that’s on your mind. @Chaboi_3000 can you please close this topic?

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before you close this topic, Do you have any information about when the tournament ends for ’ Frozen Fortress? ’

oh im sorry I didnt know about that but fust wondering, Why arent these topics not allowed?
(sure ill join the pm)

Check FAQ for the reason.

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Oh I see. Sorry, I probably should’ve read that before making this
How do I delete this topic

For now, unfortunately, it cant be deleted.

Lets just wait for chaboii to close this topic