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Junk Talk Topic


Ok i dont think @Gamestack is going to like this but i am going to create another Megathread like @Gamestack’s Topic (the name is too long to put on here) So yea come share the fun!

Game and Movie Theories

I’ll just stick with @Gamestack’s topic, I want to get it to 1000 replies


What was wrong with the exchanging codes @Chaboi_3000? Also when it does have 1000 replies could you come and share the fun. You’ll be missing out on the party


I have this really cool code i wana share. But i need FULL credit. I have copyright :smile: .
Here it is. It will make your pet say stuff in a random order

def onSpawn(e):
    while True:
        enemy = pet.findNearestByType("munchkin")
        i = Math.random()
        i = i*2
        i = Math.round(i) 
        # Find and fetch a "potion":
        random = ["All hail EnderLord832!", "Kill them!", "I know you can do it !!"]
        # Find and fetch a "potion":
        pet.moveXY(hero.pos.x, hero.pos.y)


You can change random to whatever you want your pet to say


I mean like giving out solutions are not allowed


Yea i put that in the title


Thanks, we dont want solutions in here. But funny codes are perfectly ok as long as they are appropriate and aren’t a solution to any level


btw @Enderlord832, your randomization isn’t perfectly fair.

Middle term has 2x more chance to be said than the two terms at the beginning and the end.


You said “Flower Art and much More”, so here it is :smiley:


so just add another “all hail enderlord” and “I know you can do it”


I know i did that on purpous. I like the kill them more because it is more usefull in multiplayer.


@Seojin_Roy_Lee please do not put down my topic by putting rude things in my topic title


Ok @Not_a_User lets talk here.


got it.(20 characters)


Yep i want to get a lot of replies and hearts over here


ok, who knows, we might even get more replies then the other one


Yea BTW do you want to join my clan it is in my user card


ok, sure(20 characters)


Joined(20 character)