Cheating in sorcerer's blitz?

So the 31th the last day of sorcerer’s blitz 4 players(tangkalam, hokingwun, yimitzlok, maxxng) submitted very similar code in the same hour. I am not saying their cheating I am just saying this might have to be looked upon.

NOTE: I am a little frustrated from participating the whole and being in the top 3 of 11-14 to get it taken away the last day

i think when the code is not same its not cheating but if the code is veery very similar or same its cheat i guess?

Yes and they submitted it nearly at the same time

Ok. I’ll summon @Chaboi_3000 if he wants to look into it.

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submitted very similar code in the same hour

How do you know their code is similar?

By playing against them

Ah, I see. Not ruling out the possibility of cheating, but it’s possible they’re just following the same strategy from copying the current meta. In the last couple days there’s been a lot more activity on the leaderboard. (For example, strategies involving poppers have become a lot more common.) Although I haven’t seen those 4 names until very recently so I do admit that’s it’s a bit suspicious.

Thats the biggest reason the appeared in 1 hour. The last day

I also have the impression the changed their code a bit seeing the lost the top ten places

I have a feeling more people are going to submit at the last moment to keep their strategies safe. It happened last time too.

We’ll investigate any copy-pasted code in the top spots to remove duplicates from smurf accounts or colluders. (Don’t do that stuff!)


but i usally save my old code and if u use my old code i copy paste them but dosent mean i copy others code

and prob they learn from the same teacher and the teacher might help them in this battle so they get same code and its strong

No why would it be it’s your code?

They share very similar rankings (hokingwun, yimtszlok, yuwantak), is rank 5,6,7 in codequest (that also uses sorcerer’s blitz). Another interesting thing is, the names @unityjoaquimschaever mentioned are all from Hong Kong. They are familiar names to me because I have seen their names in screening rounds before codequest. But I think I wouldn’t accuse them of cheating tho, they are mainly from different schools.

If some people are from the same country or time zone, then it’s not surprising that their submission times would be close to each other. Especially for people going to school and having schoolwork and other activities, they might only have a couple of hours to do stuff like CodeCombat between dinner and bedtime.

If there is code sharing or copying, the CodeCombat folks will be able to tell easily since they have the ability to see the code. We don’t, and if we guess just by looking at how people’s code behaves, it can be quite inaccurate because very different code can act similarly. Like SamuelB said, there are some popular strategies or meta, which can lead to this happening.

It seems like more good players are joining, so it is getting harder to stay at the top. As RedDragon9 mentions too, some folks might be keeping their strategies secret until later in the tournament so it gets more likely that there are big ranking changes and new top dogs. But, people submitting their code late also take the risk that their code is not as good as they think it is, and have less time to catch issues or tune their code to work well against more people.

I think it would feel very unfair and be very upsetting if you worked hard on your code, and someone else accused you of being a cheater just because you have improved your code a lot and gone up in the rankings.

If you suspect something, probably the best thing is to email or PM your thoughts to the CodeCombat folks, so they can look into it and tell for sure. That way we don’t risk hurting the feelings of innocent folks. This is a very fun tournament, let’s make sure we keep it that way. I’m looking forward to playing against all of you again in Giant’s Gate and Colossus Clash.


Very good points. I totally agree with you. Those people probably worked hard to get to the leaderboard. We shouldn’t deny other’s achievements just because we are beaten by them.

Btw, I saw you grinded up to top 2 from non-top 100 last night 4am (hk time). I was doing homework by the time, and every time I see a loss I just clicked and thought of counterplays to your code. But yes, there is really a risk, that my code might be not as good as I think. My code was finished at 7am, and didn’t have time to check for bugs. When I was home, codequest alr ended and I found 2 bugs after that, which both are made last night. But I can still secure top 20 luckily. Not sure why but I still see others being able to submit new codes after the submission deadline, but I don’t dare to ;3(is it because simulations are done in other arenas? idk) I probably shouldn’t code when I lack sleep lol

Good question. We snapshotted all submissions at the tournament end time. You can keep submitting new code and playing if you want; it won’t affect the tournament standings, since final rankings are being done based on what was submitted at the deadline.


whats sorcerers blitz?

im new

Sorcerer’s blitz was a coding contest that just ended.