Bourne Again Shell a.k.a. Bash

@nick (maybe someone-else, but you are only local boss I know), what about adding Bourne Again Shell to the list of languages-to-learn?
It can be THE Great Present for Linux newbies!

Is bash an OOP language?

  • If so, All you ( @amadej ) need to do is write a bash-to-javascript parser that provides a proper AST, etc. (see Nick’s answer to a similarish question for some of the operational requirements.)
  • If not (and it isn’t) you would need to figure out how to handle all the oop stuff and then see the previous paragraph. (but if it is doing “oop” stuff, is it really bash…)

This is one of the best features of an open source project . . . if you want a feature added you just need to code it up yourself and then get those in control of the project to accept it. This can also be the downside to an open source project, if you can’t code it up yourself . . . then you have to find some-one (or more) who can code it that share(s) your enthusiasm.