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Compiler / Parser for new Language


Hi ,

I am a Computer Science Sophomore and am really interested in the theory of programming languages .

Having recently finished a basic course on Compilers and Theory Of Computation ā€“ I am really itching to get my hands dirty on a real world project , and CodeCombat seemed to be an excellent place to contribute .
I have few questions before I start to work on the compiler :smiley:

  1. I know basic Javascript . Should I learn Coffeescript or will a parser written in javascript be fine.

  2. Which language should I write the parser for ? A language which ideally takes 2-3 days of intense coding and is pretty easy yet useful is preferred .

It would be great if you can answer these questions so that I can start working on the parser ASAP.

Nick Away In Peru

I am really not qualified to answer, but I hope this is still useful.

Concerning point 2, maybe you can take a look at Ruby?

Concerning point 1, Iā€™m wondering that myself. If you want to be a serious archmage, I guess it is probably a good idea to learn coffeescript.

Iā€™m glad to see you are so enthusiastic. If you want more direct feedback, the hipchat room seems reasonably active.

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Thanks jacobakkerboom

I think as a first project Ruby could be tricky ā€“ handling all the regex stuff ā€¦

Yeah , sure I understand that it would be a good idea to learn coffeescript but actually I just have a little time in my hand before I begin a new project for my startup ā€“ and I was hoping that perhaps I could learn and do something in that time instead of learning a new , although easy , language .

Thanks for your reply again and I hope that Nick replies soon ā€¦

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Good chatting with you in the HipChat today, Zard; looking forward to get some more parsers going!


Nick , the honor is all mine