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Brewstone "Throw" ability


The “Throw” ability of Omarn Brewstone appears to either fail to hit or fail to do damage. I have attempted to use it multiple times, and it seems to not actually do anything.


After testing again, I take this back. The ability seems to do some burst damage, but with a very, very slow projectile. I doubt it would be usable anywhere except behind fences, just given the speed. Could it be revised to a faster projectile with, perhaps, less damage? (Maybe even the same damage – it doesn’t appear to kill the large ogres, despite attacking three, four times.)


Good points; I’ll work on it shortly! It isn’t intended to be great against large ogres, as it’s an area-of-effect explosion; perhaps better for smaller ogres. Although it’d be great if his ability scaled up with his gear.


Thank you! I believe the real problem I was having was just an inability to hit with the slow projectiles. I eventually succeeded in testing on “Kithgard Gates”. Thank you for elucidating the purpose. I think it could be useful against, say, ranged units which stay far away and remain stationary. Some scaling would also be nice.