Throw Ability Update

Throw Ability Update

For several years, players who used Java or C++ had issues with using the throw() ability for rangers as it triggered the exception handler instead of the ability. However, with this update, players who use Java and C++ can now use the fixed throw() ability. Please read the following to learn about what changed!

Throw() Ability is Renamed to ThrowAt()

The first changes you might notice are, for heroes and ranger items, instead of throw(), the ability is renamed to throwAt(). This was necessary to avoid conflict with the exception handler for the two languages. However, players are still able to use the old version of throw, meaning that old code will not be broken by this change. (It will still be hidden from the ability toolbar) Simiarly, the isReady() ability can take both "throw" and "throwAt" as parameters.

Level Updates

Accordingly, levels that cover the throw() ability have been updated. Changes include item requirements and restrictions, hints, and comments. Also, any issues accessing the two levels(Sharpnel and Swift Dagger) in the past few days have been fixed. For users that are currently playing on Java and C++, it is advised to replay the two levels, as it is now possible to complete it with the two languages.

Charge Belt Rework

Along with the changes to the throw ability, the Charge Belt has received a large rework(and upgrade!) The new ability, throwCharge() allows the player to throw eight charges in a circle. However, unlike the previous throw() ability, the parameter isn't a target or a position, but rather a radius of the circle that the charges are thrown. The range/radius of the ability can reach up to 15 meters. Use this ability to quickly clear off large numbers of ogres at once! Note that previous users of the old charge belt must update their code to use the new ability.

Usage: hero.throwCharge(radius)

Enjoy! :tada:

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