Omarn Ability Rework

Omarn Ability Rework

Omarn has long been a very mediocre and an unused hero in the game. Despite being more expensive than Senick, Omarn had very low stats and a weak ability compared to Senick. However, we’d love to announce that Omarn’s ability has been reworked and now is much more unique and useful! We’d love to introduce you to Omarn’s new ability, brew()!

Brew() is an ability that can brew various potions in battle, giving buffs depending on the effect you select. There are four types of potions. Healing, speed, damage, and explosive. You can see the demo of all four effects below.

Healing Potion – hero.brew("heal",optionalTarget)

Brews a healing potion that heals 100 + 7% Max HP

Speed Potion – hero.brew("speed",optionalTarget)

Brews a speed potion that boosts the target’s speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

Damage Boost Potion – hero.brew("damage",optionalTarget)

Brews a damage-boosting potion that boosts the target’s damage by 25% for 5 seconds.

Explosive Potion – hero.brew("explosive",<target/targetPos>")

Brews an explosive potion that deals 75 AoE damage upon impact.

These changes will make Omarn more viable overall and will encourage players to use more complex code rather than just spamming a single ability over and over. The cooldown of the ability is the same as the previous throw’s 5 seconds, allowing you to still throw explosive potions at the same rate.


Also, you may notice that throw() is also in Omarn’s ability list along with brew(). This is completely normal. This is to ensure that the new change doesn’t break old arena solutions that use Omarn’s throw(). However, using throw() is the same as using hero.brew("explosive") as both share the same cooldown. (Meaning you can’t “double-throw” a potion)