Hushbaum vs. Brewstone

I’ve gone about as far as I can go with Tharin. I’m currently waiting for new levels to open or for another crack at Backwoods and Sarven Brawl. I’ve saved up some gems and I’m ready to try out Touch of Death. I want to redo all the levels as a wizard. I just can’t decide which hero to unlock, Hushbaum or Brewstone? The specs show that Brewstone has a bit more speed, but does less damage, and has an additional skill “Throw”. Is this skill worth an additional 600 gems? I saw that another poster was rather disappointed by it. If not, does his speed make up for the lack of power? I.E. does he launch closer to 2 spells for every one of Hushbaum’s or does speed just refer to how fast he walks?

without some feedback, I’ll be second guessing my decision every time I’m having trouble.

A lot of speed is good for tactics like kiting big enemies. More damage will kill more enemies in less time.

Since most of the levels are not about fighting meta, expect the multiplayer levels, where you can’t use your own character, it doesn’t matter at all.

I’d buy the much cheaper Hushbaum and spend all my gems for the biggest armor and a level three book.

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Thanks for the info.

Buying Hushbaum and decking her out was my first choice. I just thought I must be missing something awesome about Brewstone since he’s so expensive. Also, a small part of me doesn’t want to play as a character that looks like an old lady librarian. j/k

A few more questions come to mind:

  1. Would Hushbaum be more powerful with the same weapon as Brewstone, or is her initial equipment just better.

  2. I’m assuming a wizard can only cast or attack. Can they cast different spells consecutively, or do they have to wait for the previous cast cooldown? Throw could come in handy while waiting, as long as it’s more effective than attack.

  3. How much damage does “throw” do?

  4. If I redo a level with a new hero will I get more gems? I’m not holding my breath, but I can hope… right?

I know I’m over-thinking it, but I’ve learned that making the wrong purchase early on can really mess up your game. So far I’m leaning towards Hushbaum, but would like to hear from a Brewstone user.

The attack and defense stats refer to how much damage and health each hero gets from the same armor or weapon. So Hushbaum has a 1.2x damage multiplier and 1.4x health multiplier, whereas Omarn has 0.83x damage and 1.2x health. Omarn’s movement speed is 11 m/s and Hushbaum’s is 7 (edit: had 11). Omarn has a throw ability, which does some AoE damage, but currently is underpowered and will be made more awesome soon.

Wizards do normally attack (or throw) while waiting for the cooldowns on their spells.

You don’t get more gems for redoing old levels with new heroes, no.

I like to do fun speed-based strategies, so I like Omarn better. Then again, the next Wizard (Pender Spellbane) is even faster, but you can’t unlock her until the 4th mountain level (upcoming).

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Omarn casts/attacks faster, since their movement speed is the same?

Cast and attack speeds don’t vary by hero, just movement speeds. I mistyped; Hushbaum is 7 m/s, not 11. (Omarn is 11.)

After the new skill for brewstone I think brewstone is better.

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