Bug with Map 2 what to do?

Everyone can play the main campaign level progression for free (yay free).
And on start is “100 lvl’s free”.

But i cant do any more levels on Map 2.

Only 1/48 lvl i can do. Im lvl 10. Why new levels don’t show ?
Oh and i do that first lvl on second map.

Try re-playing the last level you’ve played and resubmit your solution.

There’s a bug with levels not unlocking sometimes.

oh :smiley: it’s work now i complete it second time. THX!

No problem. :smile:

Several users have been sporadically reporting this bug for a long time. I wonder if we have a GitHub issue for this? @nick

It was mostly fixed, so now I wonder if it’s either a networking bug that happens infrequently, or us trying to get away with slower saves increasing the incidence of the problem. It should force a save whenever you open the victory screen and then give you the achievements which unlock the next things.