Why does my campaign-map look different?

it is generally better to continue an existing post than starting an entire new post with the same topic.

Despite from that:

Why do you have som many more non-subscriber level than me?
Especially the one at the farm and the two directly below the skull-cave? I have one at the tower and one at the mine you don’t have instead?

@J_F_B_M I’ve been working on recalculating achievements to retroactively unlock new levels, but it sounds like even my latest attempt didn’t unlock them all for you? Can you let me know which account name you’re using (before doing anything else) so that I can check your account to reproduce the bug?

@J_F_B_M What worked for me was to follow the facebook links for codecombat. Specifically the weekly announcements for the 5 new levels. That let me get to a bunch of levels not shown on my screen and then after playing those levels some other levels showed up automatically.

It is a bit weirder than that… I follow the E-Mail-Links, but Nick said I actually have everything unlocked (well, as non-subscriber). We see how this develops.

@J_F_B_M I figured out why. I’ll do something to fix this soon, but for now, type this in your JS console:


Then you’ll get the latest Campaign updates.

Returns 'undefined', but works. Thanks.

yeah it doesnt return anything it just performs an action. thats normal :slight_smile: