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Bugs in Greed : no win



I retry greed recently. I need to change my code a little bit to make it working.
Now it works, and win most of the matches I run.
On small issue : the number of coins collected is always 0.

But more annoying, on the ladder, it shows me 0 wins and 185 losses. But most of the run I made show me a win.



It’s probably the same multiplayer issues that have been plaguing the other ladders lately. Which language is it, and which team (humans or ogres)?


Javascript and both teams.

Another strange behavior, after first loading the level, all others were visible as anonymous:

But right after taking the picture, it was back to normal.
Also the houses in the game appears as they will be at the end of the simulation. That means it’s destroyed during all the simulation, but the game works normally.

In this one, you can see the broken house, life = 0, and the coins problem (all 0)